A Note From Larry

June 3, 2022

I’ve been going through the daily tasks, grinding, pushing, developing people, hitting targets, setting new higher targets, some people quitting, others seeing the vision and sticking to it, building a good solid team, meeting a lot of great people/clients, making time for my wife and 3 kids and…….tonight I turned the lights on for my sign for the first time and I’m pinching myself, I can’t lie- I got all choked up and had a few tears of joy!

How is this real?

How has it become what it is already?

We are only 10 months in?!

I know this-

•I know I have my team’s best interest at heart.

•I know I’m ethical, and will always choose to do the right thing, even if it’s the hardest of my choices.

•I know I’m building a culture inside my company that doesn’t exist in many businesses anymore.

•I know each one of my staff’s personal goals and my goal is so massive that all of them reaching their goal is part of my goal.

•And last but not least, I’ve got the best team! You guys rock!! These guys will always put our clients first and that’s what makes us better!


$50 million baby, we are coming for you!

That’s a lot of barns for our great clients!

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A Note From Larry
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